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  • Lexie Edwards

Out with the Old, In with the New

Refreshed ideas to take your wedding from traditional to trendy.

By: Lexie Edwards, UofSC Senior

There is a reason wedding days have been nicknamed as “the BIG day.” Weddings mark a milestone in every couple’s timeline, and you have every reason to believe you and your future spouse should provide an experience that sets your day apart from others.

From social media, to original ideas, we have narrowed it down to the latest trends that will help you put a twist on tradition.


A guestbook holds so much memory, but as we advance through the years, we have adapted to the ways technology can support capturing memories. Instead of a guestbook for everyone to sign, look into an audio guestbook. Start by picking out a vintage telephone to add some style. (There are vendors who can provide one for you, or if you are tech savvy, look into DIY versions). As your guests pass by, all they do is pick up the phone and record a message. This is definitely a more entertaining way for you to go back and hear how your guests were enjoying your wedding day!

Photo by Heidi Graves Photography

If you still want to go the paper route for your guestbook, get your hands on a Polaroid camera. If you already have one, even better! This way, guests can take a picture of themselves, or of each other, and sign the bottom of the photo. Have a photo album or book with blank pages near so you can keep the photos in one place.

Photo by Emily Veinberg Photo


Speaking of ways technology influences documenting memories today, more vintage ways of photography are resurfacing the industry. If you’re one with a love for photographs, focus on editorial & film photography. This style works best with unposed photos throughout the night.

Photo by Clark Berry Photography

In addition to a photographer, you can buy disposable cameras for your guests to capture candid moments throughout the night. Disposable cameras can be placed at guests’ tables throughout the venue. It’s also a great way to see how creative your guests are!

Social Media

As social media becomes a primary form of communication, we see couples create their unique hashtags for their wedding day. When guests use this hashtag, all posts from your wedding will pop up.

If you don’t like hashtags (or maybe can’t come up with one), no worries! An alternative way to share your wedding on social media is to create a wedding Instagram account. You can share engagement and wedding day photos or document the planning process leading up to the big day. Additionally, if your guests tag your page on their posts, then you still have one spot where all posts will pop up through your tagged photos.

Keep in Mind…

There is no wrong way to decide what you want for your wedding. In the end, it is you and your future spouse’s big day. Whether you pick more traditional aspects, or decide to go the modern route, or maybe a mix of both— just remember to represent your love story and enjoy the day!

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